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Mariah Milano Bio and Information

Born on New Year's Eve 1979, Mariah Milano is a 5'5" 34DD-23-34 XXX pornstar.

Mariah had never considered a career in the adult business until she ran in to a friend from school who was actively shooting for the industry. She showed Mariah a magazine that she had done and then invited her to come along to watch her shoot a scene. Both nervous and excited, Mariah went. She was so intrigued by what she saw that she agreed to come back a couple of weeks after her 18th birthday to do her very first porn performance.

Mariah has gone on to do hundreds of hardcore videos and an abundance of magazines. She took some time off from the industry and then came back refreshed and more driven than ever.

She is a proud bisexual with a dislike of working with gay-for-pay girls. Her fetishes include big boobs and being watched. She loves rocking her hips on top but also enjoys a good session of hard pounding from behind. Mariah's favorite color is pink and her favorite sex toy is the Magic Wand. She is thrilled to act out fantasies on film, but refuses to do anything that she feels is degrading.

Mariah Milano is a porn star who delivers passionate performances that will keep you coming back for more.

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